We offer a range of architectural design, including floorplan and overall design, space needs analysis; covering your design needs from start to finish.

We also offer drafting services for clients who require only minimal code compliant documents: drawings, material specifications, and energy calculations.


We offer a complimentary one hour initial consultation in our office to get acquainted and to discuss goals and expectations for your project.  We are also available for an initial on-site consultation for a fee.

Our extensive design expertise and thorough process applied with a personalized touch yields the highest quality results that uniquely suit your needs.


Craig Selander formed his architectural firm in 1993. As a registered architect in Wisconsin and Minnesota for more than 25 years, he has experience designing a wide variety of residential and commercial buildings.  Craig is an outdoorsman who enjoys traveling, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, and camping.

12860 Carl Berg Road
Grantsburg, WI 54840
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